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Voicemail Poems – “Man Gets Tired of Being in the Spotlight”

pnk prl – “fear of sex/freedom”

Voicemail Poems – “Arizona Boy”


My Kid Is Gay

Contributor Roundtable: One Year Since the Election

Defining: Gender Nonconforming

How Do I Talk About My Daughter Pre-Transition?

Defining: They/Them Pronouns

When I Came Out The Third Time

What We Need From Our Parents After June 2016: Urgent Allyship

Should I Worry About My Gay Son in the Military?


Oregon Socialist Renewal

Resisting Division

Resisting Division: Recognizing Pinkwashing

Resisting Division: Critiquing Fellow Activists



The Importance of “They/Them/Their” Pronouns* at KMUZ Community Radio
*Note: I no longer advocate for third gender markers. Please click here for more info.

Transgender Representation in Hollywood at KMUZ Community Radio (mp3 file was corrupted and has been lost to the treacherous terrain of cyberspace, but I promise it happened)


Education and the Arts

Curator, Fractals of Identity – Salem Art Association, April 2018 (forthcoming)

Poetry Workshop: Breaking Down Shame and Gender Expectations – Salem Art Association, June 2017

LGBTQ Artist-in-Residence – Salem Art Association, May 2017

Poetry Featured Reader – Salem Poetry Project, February 2017

Poetry Featured Reader – The Space Concert Club, January 2017

“Celebrating Femininity from Non-Binary Perspectives” (Co-Facilitator) – Gender Odyssey Conference, August 2016

“Trans Justice in Schools” – Trans Student Educational ResourcesGender Odyssey Conference, August 2016

Panel Speaker on Transgender and Queer Healthcare Access in the Mid-Willamette Valley – Basic Rights Oregon, Statewide Leadership Summit, May 2016

“What’s the T in LGBTQ?”: Transgender 101 Training – Basic Rights Oregon, Salem Unitarian Universalist Church, April 2016