There are many ideas out there that we simply don’t encounter, for any number of reasons. I’ve compiled a broad list of concepts that are applicable to social justice, ranging from political ideologies, to institutional oppressions, to ideas that are often made to seem “weak” or “impractical” in our society.

For the sake of convenience, I have categorized them into Oppression & Philosophy concepts, and Political Ideologies. All of the concepts below are defined by me, unless otherwise stated.

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Please note: This is not a full list. I felt that it would be better to have a list-in-progress than no list at all. It will continue to be updated and added to as I find the time to do so.

Oppression and Philosophy

Ableism – coming soon!

Appropriation – coming soon!

Assimilation – the forced adherence to norms of a dominant social group by a non-dominant social group. This adherence is a form of violent coercion, even when the non-dominant group willingly or happily embraces assimilation to the dominant social groups norms.

Cisheteronormativity – a set of norms around sex/gender/sexuality that leads to the expectation of identifying with the gender and sex assigned to a person at birth, as well as being heterosexual. Deviation from these norms are explained below in “Normalization.”

Cissexism – coming soon!

Classism – coming soon!

Consent – coming soon!

Co-optation – coming soon!

Cultural Appropriation – coming soon!

Discrimination – behaviors toward one or more members of a social group that result in unjust treatment.

Feminism – a theory that seeks to end sexist oppression. For more information, visit the Feminism page under the Education tab.

Harm Reduction – coming soon!

Heterosexism – the

Homophobia – the irrational fear and hatred of homosexuality expressed through thought patterns, speech, actions, policies, institutions, etc.

Hypermasculinity – the glorification and intensification of stereotypically masculine behaviors, such as aggression, independence, strength, dominance, emotional detachment, etc.

Imperialism – coming soon!

Institutional Issues – problems that occur at the institutional level because they are part of the institution’s structure.

Marginalization – coming soon!

Microagression – a negative message about one or more of a person’s actual or perceived identities in a marginalized group based on stereotypes. While these messages can be communicated verbally or non-verbally, intentionally or unintentionally, they are always insulting and degrading.

Military-Industrial Complex – coming soon!

Misogyny – coming soon!

Non-Violence – coming soon!

Norm – the expectation of certain thoughts, ideologies, behaviors held and reinforced by a social group. Norms of one social group affect others in a variety of ways.

Normalization – the process(es) through which deviance from societal norms are corrected or shifted to be completely or acceptably in line with societal norms.

Oppression – coming soon!

Patriarchy – coming soon!

Power – coming soon!

Prison-Industrial Complex – coming soon!

Privilege – coming soon!

Racial Prejudice – an irrational bias, based on race, against an individual or social group that does not experience institutional racism

Racism – the institutionalized discrimination of individuals and groups based on their actual or perceived race

Rape Culture – coming soon!

Respectability Politics – coming soon!

Sexism – coming soon!

Stereotype – coming soon!

Transphobia – the irrational fear and hatred of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals and groups expressed through thought patterns, speech, actions, policies, institutions, etc.

Violence – coming soon!

White Supremacy – coming soon!

Whiteness – coming soon!


Political Ideologies

Anarchism – the belief that society should be organized in a lateral way that rejects hierarchies to ensure that no individual or system has coercive power over another. This theory is based on the idea that all relationships are voluntary and cooperative. (more coming soon)

Capitalism – coming soon!

Communism – coming soon!

Democracy – coming soon!

Liberalism – coming soon!

Neoliberalism – coming soon!

Positivism – coming soon!

Republicanism – coming soon!

Socialism – an economic system wherein the means of production are owned by the workers. (more coming soon)