Fridge Poetry 4: 4/24/17
Fridge Poetry 3: 4/17/17
Fridge Poetry 2: 4/5/17
Fridge Poetry 1: 4/1/17

Short Daylight Savings Time Poem

Witch Doctor

Shallow Roots

For My Trans Siblings


Flash Fiction

Six Word Memoir

Memory in Reverse


Personal Essays

I Was Homophobic, Transphobic, and Misogynistic: My Journey to Acceptance

(Un)Learning How to Take Up Space

Tattoos and Painted Nails: Taking Back My Body


Law, Politics, and Social Life

The Political Violence of Passive Discourse: Recognizing a Crisis

Activists: Say NO to a Third Gender Marker

Stop Reinforcing Our Oppression: On Dismissing as a Pervasive Tool

“Faggot” and “That’s So Gay”: The Issue of Intent and Impact

I Wasn’t Born This Way, but I’m a Human Being

Dear Cis People: Stop the Fragile Mindset

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